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Crystone Review

| febbraio 27, 2013

Crystone is one of the most popular Web Hosting providers in Scandinavia with over 15 years experience in the business. Their 2 modern data centers are located in Sweden as well as their headquarters.

The data centers are connected via several different Internet connections and their own backbone to provide maximum security at all time. Crystones *Scandinavian quality* has been also recognized worldwide by customers.Their international customer base includes all sizes/types of businesses, from private individuals to associations and big corporations. Therefore Crystone also based their offices in Miami, USA and Manchester, UK.

crystone review

You can call Crystone a real *One-Stop-Shop* company. Besides reliable Web Hosting they also offer Dedicated Servers, VPS, Co-location, SEO Hosting, Domains, SEO services and even website building. Operating since 1997 they focus on delivering a wide range of mature and attractive products and their award-winning Customer Service is available 24/7/356 via free phone line, email and live chat.

Through a high level of technical expertise, availability and competitive prices, Crystone has secured their customers’ environments and efforts, on several continents. Be part of their *Connected Value* mission and realize that web hosting can be easy.

Crystone has 2 modern Data Centers in Stockholm to provide the best hosting for our customers.

The 2 Data Centers are linked together through Internet connections and their own backbone. They work with most ISPs at multiple locations to maximize accessibility.

3 of their ISP (Internet Service Provider) are TelenorPhonera and Global Crossing.

Power full Backup

Their two datacenter has fully redundant power supply through..
…two completely separated power supply systems, if your company’s servers comes with dual Power supply, this means that your server is still working even if one of their power supplies for any reason suffer a power outage. The facility is fully redundant with separate A-and B-force.

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